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I came to yoga looking for some pain relief and a little bit of self-care. But I found so much more than that and what I truly needed more than anything else. I found a community so welcoming and supportive and respectful and honoring everyone’s own personal journey and reasons for being there. I found a place where I could allow the world to fall away and turn inward, even if just for an hour. I found the courage to face my fears and learned how to sit with uncomfortable feelings, knowing that I’m held and safe in that space. I found a practice that could push me out of my comfort zone, challenge me both physically and mentally, yet wrap me in a cocoon of nurturing restoration… or transformation, whichever I needed at that moment. I found a new path that has led me back to myself, step by step, layer by layer, still excavating, always learning, but forever changed. My goal as a teacher is to hold space for others to find this sanctuary on their mats, within their minds and bodies. To create an environment where energy is sacred, and the wisdom within the body can be illuminated and revered. To share a practice that teaches me how to feel safe and held and beautiful and whole, just the way I am, just the way you are.

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