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Life Coaching

Life coaches to aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.




Christi is a certified life coach that specializes in helping her clients connect deeper to themselves and others and in doing so create more enriching relationships. She received extensive coach training through The Fearless Living Institute and believes that by uncovering and learning to navigate one’s emotional fears it opens them up to living a life with more understanding, compassion, fulfillment, and alignment. Christi is also a certified fearless trainer which affords her the opportunity to conduct several different workshops to support her clients and the greater community in making the changes they desire.


Her major roles in life have included, but are not limited to; stay at home mother, pet parent, wife, manager, business owner,speaker, friend, volunteer, and fitness junkie ( yoga, weights, walking, biking, kayaking, and more). Christi is 54 and in this second half of her life she has definitely discovered new pathways to not only follow her passions, but create more of a life that satisfies her soul and fulfills her purpose. She has two adult kids, owns an online women’s boutique with her daughter, has a 12 year old dog, is an avid reader, and enjoys going on new adventures in her free time.


Through Christi’s life experiences she has gained new perspectives and ways of healing which enables her to support others that are facing major life changes. Her experiences include; parenting, empty nest, marriage, divorce, dating, depression, anxiety, loss, building a business, and a love of life long learning. The combination of her experiences and skills support her in guiding her clients on a journey of discovery and creation.


Christi is the coach that will help you move OUT of the CHAOS that stops you from fully being yourself and guides you into FINDING the CALM and joy your soul craves.

You can connect with Christi in the following ways:
Instagram: @coachingwithchristi
Facebook: Soul Intentions Life Coaching -Christi Malone MarshalL

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