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I first started learning yoga at home alone through some DVDs I purchased.  I found the practice helpful in my daily life as an athlete, to stretch and move my body differently while also working on stillness, which was drastically different from the other sports training I was doing.  When I sought a place to go to practice with others, I was able to find a studio with wonderful staff where they offered one style of yoga.  As an athlete I gravitated towards the regiment and the routine that offered one set sequence to follow.  This routine allowed me to focus each day on the changes in my body and I began to notice changes in my thoughts and energy gaining acceptance and a deeper understanding for how unique each of us are every day.  As life happens and priorities change, I began to notice a shift in my personal practice from a competition perspective to one with more compassion and a calmness.  It was then I decided I wanted to share this with others and went to Los Angeles for teacher training in 2013.  Throughout the years I have furthered my yoga and fitness studies and have completed numerous other teacher trainings expanding my knowledge to better serve those around me.  Since my first class I have always learned from the others I share the room with.  With each session the shared time teaches me how to guide others towards what they may be seeking, patience, understanding, acceptance, a physical goal, or so many other things.  Regularly giving yourself time to tune in and explore stillness through yoga is a gift.  It has been through the Yin Yoga style I have learned to slow down, listen, and give myself permission to be who I am at this very moment, knowing all things change. 

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