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My name is Alynnda, and I am a Reiki Master. I was introduced to Reiki energy healing in 2010 at The Cancer Treatment Center of America. My late husband had just been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I was looking for answers and losing my strength and desire through this most difficult time. I needed something in my life to strengthen me and help me mentally and physically through this time in my life. We all need help in life and there is nothing wrong with asking for the help that we need to strengthen us. After I experienced this spiritual gift of healing, I say and felt firsthand how it helped both of us. The healing brought us to a level of hope and acceptance during such a time of pain, suffering and uncertainty. Although my husband’s journey was cut short, he surrendered with peace in his heart.

Witnessing this I realized my journey was not ending, but it was about to blossom. I recognized the strength that I gained from allowing myself to receive this gift during my grieving process. It filled me with inner peace, balance, and guided me to stay on my path.

Reiki to me is a gift that I can give to others who are experiencing what I experienced. Choosing to live by the Reiki principles is my lifestyle and it has created my goal which is to offer others this gift. To whomever seeks inner strength, peace and balance regardless of the battles that life brings before them.

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