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Myna, whose nickname was given to her by her grandchildren, was born in Montenegro located in Southern Europe has always been interested in the metaphysical since she was a little girl. Growing up she watched her father who was spiritually gifted interpret Turkish coffee cup grounds and dreams.  At the age of eight, she started getting visions and signs that she couldn’t ignore. Instead of running away and pretending they weren’t happening she decided to further her knowledge and get a better understanding and deeper meaning of these visions and dreams. Myna began an innocent adventure into tarot cards that lead her to go through her spiritual transformation. She has been using tarot for decades to get guidance for questions.


Myna is highly spiritual, an ordained minister,  as well a certified angel tarot reader. She loves to teach tarot, work on vision boards, connect to the chakras, meditate, and cleanse using sage and other herbal remedies. Most importantly she enjoys helping others manifest their dreams and helping them tap into their psychic development.


A session with Myna is sure to make you smile.  She enjoys interacting with people while sharing her love, light, and humor! You will appreciate her directness to point attitude with a side of sweetness which can be quite therapeutic.


Her goal is to work for the better good of all, and to send you back into the world with confidence and security to move forward on your journey of life sharing your light!

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